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5 of Ontario's most unusual homes


1. Off-Grid Eco-Home

If you've ever wanted to retreat to the woods to live off the grid, then this circular eco-home might be for you. Located near Owen Sound, the home sits on more than 46 acres of land that also houses a green house, a pond, a forest and all the vegetables and wild berries you could dream of. It's entirely self-sufficient, operating on solar power and a watt wind generator. There is no electricity, and if you want to warm the place up you must chop the wood yourself. At the time of this posting, the property is for sale for $374,900.

2. The Little House

At just 312 square feet, this teeny house in Toronto is not only the smallest in the city, but one of the smallest houses in the entire world. Officially known as 'The Little House,' it had a big moment in 2008 when Ellen DeGeneres featured it on her show. An English contractor named Arthur Weedon built the home back in 1912, and lived in the home with his wife for 20 years before he passed away. The home has since gone through several owners. It's also been a muse, inspiring a song called "Come Back to Me" by Maria Lee Carta.

Source: BlogTO

3. Dome Home

This unique monolithic dome home can be found in the Dwyer Hill area near Ottawa. This durable style of home isn't too common north of the border (we did find another one near Niagara Falls), but can be found in disaster-prone areas in the United States. The home is extremely durable and energy efficient, made using a unique process that is comparable to blowing up a balloon. It is comprised of three connected domes that equate to 2,200 square feet. According to the Toronto Sun, the home has drawn comparisons to Star Wars, igloos and more. It was back on the market in 2016.

Photos from the Stittsville Central and Great Lakes Dome Company

4. Deepwater Island

This one isn't unusual looking, but living on an island is certainly not an everyday thing for most of us in Ontario. Deepwater Island is a tucked away oasis accessible only by boat. Located about two hours north of Toronto near Georgian Bay, this home features cathedral ceilings and a 360-degree view of the surrounding lake. What makes this property even more unusual is that it's actually a rental property. Yes it's true, a taste of private island living can be yours starting from $2,500 a week. This definitely wouldn't be your usual cottage weekend.

5. Screaming Heads – Midlothian Castle & Gallery

People travel from near and far to visit the property of artist Peter Camani located in Burk’s Falls. Known as the Screaming Heads, the Toronto Star described the castle and gallery as a place that, "must be seen to be believed." A traveller on TripAdvisor referred to it as the "Future Stonehenge." The property serves as Camani's home and studio where he builds structures of screaming faces, some of which are up to six metres tall. Inside the home, screaming faces are painted on the walls in certain rooms. Adding to its unique appeal, the property is home to a flock of peacocks that have roamed freely on the grounds for 15 years.

Source and photos: The Toronto Star

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