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DIY home décor ideas


What better way to portray your essence than through simple DIY home décor projects that add a personal touch and contemporary flare to your home. Most of these projects can be completed in just one day at a cost much less than what you'd pay for something similar at a store.

These home décor ideas are inspired by the change in season - natural materials, bright accents and luxurious greens.

1. DIY Live-Edge Coffee Table

DIY cofee table

Both fabulous and functional, live-edge lumber tables are a modern way to bring the sophistication and beauty of nature in. With tables like this retailing for upwards of $1,000, taking a DIY approach is not only economical but sustainable too. (Source: A Beautiful Mess)

2. DIY Hairpin Stool

DIY hairpin stool

If coffee tables aren't your cup of tea, this hairpin stool can be achieved through a similar method. This piece takes a bit of elbow grease, but for a $5 price tag who can complain? An old wooden cutting board with a new finish might also do the trick. (Source: PopSugar)

3. DIY Woven Bathmat Wall Hanging

DIY wall decor

Wall hangings are one of the hottest home décor trends of the year. This particular one is a white bathmat that was painted with craft paint and adorned with easy DIY tassels. Would you have guessed this was a bathmat if we hadn't told you? Neither will your guests. (Source: Brittany Makes)

4. DIY Tassel Wall Hanging

DIY Tassel wall

For a simpler aesthetic, painted beads, homemade tassels and bamboo skewers can be combined to create a wall hanging that looks like it's from Anthropologie. Choosing light, natural or pastel colours will make this DIY décor more emblematic of spring. (Source: Homeyohmy)

5. Make Your Own Mosaic

DIY mosaic table

Tiles can breathe new life into old items from side tables to serving trays to backsplashes. Neutral tones add an earthy element to your home, while bright patterned tiles bring boho-charm. This craft allows you to get creative with a little less DIY. All you need is some tiles and a hot glue gun! (Source: Ikea)

6. Succulent Succulents

DIY succulents

Add greenery to your home with an indoor succulent garden. These can be made in almost anything – that gorgeous bowl with a chip in it, a wide mouth mason jar, that empty terra cotta pot in your garage. If you have a more minimal item you're considering converting into a home for your succulents, painting it brings another opportunity for original DIY décor. (Source: The Blondielocks)

7. DIY Split-Photo Wall Art

DIY split photo

Make a big statement with a big photograph. This piece cost its maker less than $10 to create. Photography brings infinite possibilities. You can add colour or opt for something more minimal like the photo pictured. Let your wall be your oyster. (Source: House By Hoff)

8. Painted Baskets

DIY painted baskets

Storage that doubles as décor is our kind of storage. These painted baskets add character and dimension to a space, with the addition of functionality. Use neutral colours like whites and soft greys to maintain the element of an accent, or add bold, lively colours to make a splash. (Source: The Marion House Book)