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Get more from your home insurance with the Education Extra Package

Education Extra Package

At OTIP, we understand that educators have unique insurance needs that sometimes fall outside of the more traditional home insurance policies. That's why we offer the Education Extra Package to help you have peace of mind that all of your assets are covered, whether they're with you at home or you leave them at school.

The Education Extra Package is available exclusively through OTIP and can be added to your home, condo or tenants insurance to increase your coverage and protect your personal property, including the items you leave in your classroom.

The below chart compares the coverage between a traditional home insurance policy and one that includes the Education Extra Package:

Coverage Policy Limit Education Extra Package Limit
Personal property kept permanently at school No coverage $10,000
School board property temporarily removed from school premises No coverage $5,000
Books, tools and instruments pertaining to a business or profession $2,500 (applicable only while on the premises) $5,000 limit on premise
$2,500 limit in transit
Jewelry, watches, gems and fur garments $6,000 $20,000 ($6,000 maximum per item – for theft only)
Business records stored in personal computer (occupation-related data only) No coverage $3,000

In addition to extended coverage that protects your teaching supplies and even school board property, this package also provides enhanced coverage for additional items including mortgage payment protection and business records.

Adding the Education Extra Package to your home insurance policy costs just $60 a year. Knowing that your teaching supplies are included in your coverage gives you more time to focus on the things that matter, like your students and lesson plans.

Find out if you're eligible for the Education Extra Package by calling your OTIP broker today at 1-866-523-4111.