Tips to give you peace of mind during your March break vacation

Tips to give you peace of mind during your March break vacation

A March break family vacation is a great time to build lasting memories, strengthen family bonds and escape from normal day-to-day life. When you’re getting ready for a vacation, make sure you’re also taking steps to give yourself peace of mind while you’re away by protecting your home and car. Follow the tips below to ensure you have the important things covered before you hit the road!

Prepare to leave your home unattended

To help conserve energy while you’re away, take a minute before you leave to unplug any unnecessary appliances and electronics and turn down your thermostat to 16⁰C, the recommended temperature to prevent pipes from freezing while also saving energy.1

To prevent possible water damage, turn off your water main and drain your faucets before leaving your home for an extended period. This will reduce the likelihood of flooding from water leaks that could develop while you’re away and will help to prevent water from being able to freeze and damage your pipes.
To protect your home from potential burglars, check that all doors and windows are sealed and locked. Installing a home security system is a great idea to deter criminals—learn more about our recommended home security devices. To avoid accidentally advertising your home as a target for burglary, refrain from posting photos of your vacation publicly on social media until you return.

Tell your insurer before installing a roof rack on your vehicle

Car with a roof rack driving in winter.A roof rack is a great way to bring your family’s skis or extra luggage on a road trip, but it’s important to check with your insurer before installing one. A roof rack is considered a vehicle modification and can impact your eligibility for car insurance coverage—failure to disclose a material change in risk such as a vehicle modification can result in a denied claim or a cancelled policy. By calling your insurer before you install a roof rack, you can find out how it impacts your coverage and make sure you have the protection you need.

To learn more about your home insurance coverage or inform your insurer about adding a roof rack to your vehicle, call 1-888-892-4935 and talk to an OTIP Insurance broker today!

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