The Best Home Security Devices


security deviceThe idea of an intruder in your home is unsettling for everyone, but the truth is any home can be a target for burglary.

This is why installing home security systems can make such a big difference. Not only do they enhance the safety of your home, but installing these safety features may also save you money on your home insurance. Numerous studies have shown that homes with security systems are much less likely to be targeted by burglars.

Interior vs. perimeter security systems

Before we make some recommendations, let’s discuss the different types of home security systems.

Interior home alarm systems are the conventional method and still used widely today, but according to an article posted by the Barrie Police, these types of systems pose two problems.

The first is that these alarms sound once someone has entered your home and motion is detected. The intruder will already be in the home when this alarm goes off, presenting potential harm to anyone inside. The second is that since they are activated from within the home, they can be limiting to the normal family behavior that also happens inside of a home.

Perimeter systems on the other hand have sensors on the outside of entry points. The alarm sounds as soon as a door or window is forced open and is designed to deter intruders and prevent entry from happening.

According to the police, interior alarms can be looked as protecting property while perimeter security systems can be looked at as protecting personal safety. They recommend home security devices that contain both interior and perimeter protection.

Choosing a system

While the police will not recommend one specific system over another, they do encourage homeowners to avoid taking shortcuts and instead look for a company that is reputable and well-established.

Some of the tips they provide include ensuring the alarm company:

  • Has errors and omissions insurance
  • Meets industry accepted standards (look for the Underwriter's Laboratories of Canada certification indicating that the alarm and monitoring company follows installation, equipment and business standards)
  • Provides 24 hour monitoring and customer support
  • Offers modern technology and proper installation

Police across the board emphasize the importance of a security system versus a single security device when it comes to full home protection.

5 best home security systems in Canada

Before installing any home security system, we recommend getting quotes from a few alarm companies. The following home security systems come highly recommended online, but it's up to you to determine which system is right for you.

We encourage you to ask for recommendations from your friends and family members, especially those who live in your area and can speak to the efficiency of the organization. Always do your own research.

  1. FrontPoint Security Canada –24/7 monitoring, video security systems including video doorbells, wireless security systems, and additional features including connected smoke detectors and more.
  2. ADT Security Services –24/7 monitoring and a variety of plans starting with intrusion and fire monitoring with the option of adding video surveillance, home automation and additional features.
  3. Alarm Force - Offered in several cities across Canada and the United States including Ottawa and Toronto. 24/7 monitoring, two-way communication, a variety of bundles that start with basic security and grow to include video systems and more.
  4. Chubb Edwards – 24/7 monitoring, wireless technology, fire protection, option of adding video surveillance plans and additional home security and automation features.
  5. Protectron – 24/7 monitoring, a plethora of services including two-way communication, medical alert, home automation, fire, flood and gas monitoring, and more. Acquired by ADT in 2014.

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